welcome... ...stranger
14.09 – 23.10.1994
Harmen de Hoop, Paul Goede, Rob Birza, Berend Strik, Robert Suermondt, Bastienne Kramer, Christiaan Bastiaans, Q.S. Serafijn


In conclusion, a fifth and final project was added to Welcome Stranger, involving eight participants. The follow-up focused more on the field of tension between publicness and privacy. In the meantime, the building had been reoccupied and the artists worked in the midst of the household and its contents. The presentation took place in a setting determined by life, where art had to compete with many distractions, while the visitor walked through other people's living, working and bedroom. In such an unguarded, unprotected and, in short, vulnerable home, the visitor may initially choose the position of voyeur, but will eventually wonder whether it is responsible to 'just' bring a stranger into the house. Previously the discussion took place between the artists, but with the follow up the dialogue essentially shifted to the audience. The artists were asked to formulate a vision on the interior life and privacy of the home. At first the contributions seemed to be completely absorbed in the interior design, but on closer inspection they formed a second course within the home.