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Zomerdijkstraat, photo Stadsarchief / Han van Gool              Schaepmanstraat - Kempenaerstraat, photo Matthijs Immink                                                                                 


Four artists, who live and work in Amsterdam, have been invited by Welcome Stranger to use the facade of their own home as a meaningful space and create new work. In four places in the city, this gives rise to multifaceted reflections on publicness and privacy, on what is on the inside and on what is on the outside.

23.10 - 18.12.2020 Lucas Lenglet, Schaepmanstraat 91
20.11 - 08.01.2021 Smári Róbertsson, Zomerdijkstraat 22 
04.12 - 22.01.2021 Tim Breukers, Krugerplein
11.12 - 12.02.2021 Bastienne Kramer, Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 7

**** This Friday: Tim Breukers at Krugerplein ****

Listen to the first of two radio broadcasts that elaborates on the motivations behind this initiative and the work of the artists. The first broadcast is titled 'the house as material'.


Tim Breukers: "When we were renovating our house, intens exhaustment was squeezing out my motivation. Everything in the apartment has to be renewed and we did as much as we could ourselves. After months I missed the ‘it can be anything’ quality of art. When I was working on the fuse box the purpose and practical mindset reached a tipping point. I found new motivation in imagining the fuse box could be a sculpture. Why not? It can be anything. I am convinced that art can help us to balance our lives. And that our lives are helping art to become human and valuable.

Puzzled, with the desires of Welcome Stranger and my desires as a sculptor, I wandered around on the square in front of our house. Without the daily goal, left behind bicycle wheels and chain locks, snackbar het Snorretje and Albert Heijn formed an ambience for my sculptural intervention. Like with the fuse box this project is about life and art dynamics, but then the other way around."

For Welcome Stranger Smári Róbertsson deals with the hidden and unknown by exploring folklore. His work consists of two parts, first a sculpture taken from the folktale The Father of Eighteen Elves, in which a mother who suspects that her child is a so-called Changeling places a sculpture in front of the child to bring it into its true form. Secondly, an unknown, partly obscured ready-made sculpture at the bottom of a 10 metre long natural well in the Icelandic Highlands, found by the artist. Both works are an invitation to reveal the underlying motives, value systems and conditions in perception and in ourselves.

Building on earlier works with cage constructions, Lucas Lenglet places red wire netting in front of all the windows of his corner house and turns his own house into a cage. Lenglet: 'I see it as an incentive to think about what position i have in the community in which i live: to what extent am I expected to participate, how much from the outside do I allow and what relationship do I enter into with the other?'.

A warm welcome to all of you, friends and strangers, in one of the streets.

Two radio broadcasts elaborate on the motivations behind this initiative and the work of the artists. The first episode, 'the house as material', is broadcasted live on November 28th at 15pm. 

More about the contributions Bastienne Kramer will follow. 

Also follow the INSTAGRAM of Welcome Stranger for updates on the programme.

This edition of Welcome Stranger is generously supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Fund. 

Boulevard La Gueule Tapée, Dakar, Senegal

Dakar (Senegal)

What affects personal identity and presence in the world? Your exterior is public, what does it say about your interior? About one's own and the strange? 
In a house on Boulevard Gueule Tapée in Dakar, three artists, Laye Kâ (SEN), Gareth Nyandoro (ZWE) and Tim Breukers (NL), will make an "in situ presentation" with the name L'Intérieur L'Extérieur. The private location will be made accessible to the public in the period December 8th till January 8th 2021, simultaneously with Partcours 2020.  Partcours, a collective initiative in Dakar, is about (re)discovering, meeting, sharing and presenting art and the artistic debate that takes place there. It is an invitation to experience art in places known to the general public as well as in unexpected places, such as Boulevard La Gueule Tapée