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Scenery 2021, carwrapfoil on façade, photo Thomas Bennen


This summer four Amsterdam based artists'  on invitation by Welcome Stranger create an artworks on the facade of their own house. 
Thereby all contributing artists reveal something personal in the middle of their own neighbourhood, on the border between the private space and the public domain. Four divers artistobservations come up, on different places in the city. The façades form a new environment for an experimental exhibition, where every passer-by is welcome to become acquainted with the works of art and the thoughts they evoke. 

For Welcome Stranger traditionally always the location, a house in the city, and with it the interaction between the private and the public space, publicness and privacy are the starting points. Since the ongoing pandemic, the focus has temporarily shifted to the outside: the façade and windows of artists own homes.

Artist Esther Tielemans started in Maarten Harpertszoon Trompstraat on June 17th, during Amsterdam Art Week. 

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Esther Tielemans covers the facade of her house in Amsterdam West with carwrap foil. A metallic green high gloss foil, which creates a monochrome façade. She is fascinated by how, on a flat surface, the suggestion of another world is created. To her, the appearance of this reality runs parallel to our world. Due to the luminous material, the surroundings are reflected on the façade and provide a different, artificial reality. The title Scenery hints at the landscape through the green haze, but also to backgrounds used in the theatre and film world; also a green screen offers the possibility to let backgrounds disappear and add new layers to further shape our world.

From the work outside on the facade, a new work has emerged for the interior space: Scenery (Our house). The leftovers of the windows in the green monochrome frame are executed life-size on wooden panels (in the same way as Tielemans usually constructs her paintings) and covered with the reflective car wrap film. The smooth surface on the panels contrasts with the skin of the façade, where the structure of the bricks provides a more subtle sparkle. While the window work, through their strong reflective effect, make the viewer part of the works, who thus becomes a fellow actor in Tieleman's private space.

Scenery (our house) returns to the more traditional white cube exhibition space. The two works can never be seen simultaneously, but only together do they form the complete green monochrome.

Scenery (Our house) 2021, carwrapfoil on wooden panels, 294 x 711 cm

Soon there will be more information available here about the other artists contributions. Also follow the INSTAGRAM of Welcome Stranger for updates on the programme.

In 2020 already four artworks were made in this series, find more about them in the archive here.  

If you want to know more about Welcome Stranger listen to two radio broadcasts we made, 'the house as material' and 'poking through the window', that elaborate on the motivations behind this initiative and the work of some of the participating the artists earlier of this series.  


Welcome Stranger is supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Fund. 


Photo by Pascal Nampémanla Traoré

Dakar (Senegal)

What affects personal identity and presence in the world? Your exterior is public, what does it say about your interior? About one's own and the strange? 
In a house on Hann Fort B, 11 in Dakar, three artists, Laye Kâ (SEN), Gareth Nyandoro (ZWE) and Tim Breukers (NL), made an "in situ presentation" with the name Biti ak Biir, local for L'Intérieur L'Extérieur. The private location was accessible to the public in the period December 8th till January 8th 2021, simultaneously with Partcours 2020. Soon a selection of the works made in Dakar can be seen in Amsterdam. A publication is in preperation and will be launched in June 2021. 


This international project in Dakar is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund.