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2e Leeghwaterstraat at Funenpark, photo Gert Jan van Rooij 


Four artists, who live and work in Amsterdam, have been invited by Welcome Stranger to use the facade of their own home as a meaningful space and create new work. In four places in the city, this gives rise to multifaceted reflections on publicness and privacy, on what is on the inside and on what is on the outside.

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23.10 - 29.01.2021 Lucas Lenglet, Schaepmanstraat 91  (see archive for more info)
20.11 - 29.01.2021 Smári Róbertsson, Zomerdijkstraat 22  (see archive for more info)
04.12 - 27.03.2021 Tim Breukers, Krugerplein
29.01 - 27.03.2021 Bastienne Kramer, Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 7 

For the sculptural intervention of Tim Breukers left behind bicycle wheels and chain locks, snackbar het Snorretje and Albert Heijn form an ambience. His work Centre Piece makes you wander around on the square in front of his house. You can find instructions here:

Centerpiece, detail Krugerplein, photo Gert Jan van Rooij

Estranged domestic objects hang from the window of the studio and residential building of Bastienne Kramer in Funenpark. When the day slowly turns into night, these objects, looking like abstracted ‘sofa elements’, will radiate light and words will become visible. Referring to the situation in which we are now, being tied to home and the resulting impossibility of physical contact with most of the people surrounding us.  

The work is part of her series Home Made Energy.  With Warmtebeeld #10 Bastienne is balancing on the line between dilettantism and professionalism, uniqueness and seriality, textual and visual communication, solid and liquid, collective and autonomous.


Warmtebeeld #10, photo artist

Interestingly, Bastienne has been there for earlier editions of Welcome Stranger - at the very start in the autumn of 1992, and in 1998 as a contributor of Moving In. You can read more about these in our newly updated Archive here and here

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In collaboration with JAJAJANEENEENEE we made two radio broadcasts, 'the house as material' and 'poking through the window', that elaborate on the motivations behind this initiative and the work of the artists. 


Welcome Stranger is supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Mondriaan Fund. 


Photo by Pascal Nampémanla Traoré

Dakar (Senegal)

What affects personal identity and presence in the world? Your exterior is public, what does it say about your interior? About one's own and the strange? 
In a house on Hann Fort B, 11 in Dakar, three artists, Laye Kâ (SEN), Gareth Nyandoro (ZWE) and Tim Breukers (NL), made an "in situ presentation" with the name Biti ak Biir, local for L'Intérieur L'Extérieur. The private location was accessible to the public in the period December 8th till January 8th 2021, simultaneously with Partcours 2020. Soon a selection of the works made in Dakar can be seen in Amsterdam. More information will follow. 


This international project is supported by The Cultural Participation Fund.