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Lily van der Stokker, Dakterras met Bubbelbad2021, Valeriusstraat, Welcome Stranger 27.08.2021-15.04.2022 photo Gert Jan van Rooij

This summer in Amsterdam, four artists have been invited by Welcome Stranger to make a work of art on the facade of their own house. Thereby all contributing artists reveal something personal in the middle of their own neighbourhood, on the border between the private space and the public domain. Four diverse artist observations come up, on different places in the city. The façades form a new environment for an experimental exhibition, where every passer-by is welcome to become acquainted with the works of art and the thoughts they evoke.

For Welcome Stranger traditionally always the location, a house in the city, and with it the interaction between the private and the public space, as well as publicness and privacy, are the starting points. Since the ongoing pandemic, the focus has temporarily shifted to the outside: the façade of artists' own homes.

The work of Lily van der Stokker is prolonged, till 15.04.22. Do go and see!

Read more about the works of art via the below links:

– Lily van der Stokker, Valeriusstraat
– Esther Tielemans, Maarten Harpertszoon Trompstraat 
– Radna Rumping, Hoofdweg  
– Kévin Bray, Woutertje Pietersestraat

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Listen to two radio broadcasts we made, 'the house as material' and 'poking through the window', that elaborate on the motivations behind this initiative and the work of some of the participating the artists earlier of this series. In 2020 already four artworks were made in this series, find more about them in the archive here.  

Follow the INSTAGRAM of Welcome Stranger for updates on the programme.


– Trouw Djuna Spreksel en Thijs Lijster Lily van der Stokker Esther Tielemans Radna Rumping Kévin Bray 19.10.21
– Metropolis M Thomas van Huut Esther Tielemans nr 5 2021
– Metropolis M Manuela Zammit Radna Rumping 23 september 2021

"tilting our gaze, creating space for the unexpected, and offering the possibility to resist the many 'invisible hands' of city planners, marketers etc. Welcome Stranger offers an incentive to rediscover the city, perhaps even to redesign it—and reclaim space for play, for commoning, and for the imagination." Writer and philosopher Thijs Lijster about Welcome Stranger. 

"..apart from a transformation of the brickwork in bright green reflection, the artwork also plays with the social fabric of the neighbourhood." Thomas Huut about Scenery of Esther Tielemans

07.10.21 - Recording live from somewhere (Hoofdweg reflections)

Recording live from somewhere (Hoofdweg reflections) is a radio show hosted by Radna Rumping, live from her living room, somewhere on the Hoofdweg in Amsterdam. The radio show is as a 'hidden track', which appears a few months after the opening of the work Hoofdweg (a possible line), an audio essay that Radna made at the invitation of Welcome Stranger.

While the sound work invites the listener to take a walk and thus form a long line along the Hoofdweg (2.5 kilometres), this radio show returns back to the intimacy of the living room, behind the facade. Here, Radna's record collection is housed in a built-in cupboard, which she does not often look at anymore, but opens again for this occasion.

During Recording live from somewhere (Hoofdweg reflections) the living room turns into a radio studio for a while; invisible to the listener but still 'from somewhere'. Radna will play music for an hour that is loosely related to the audio essay, and will discuss thoughts and questions that arose both during and after making Hoofdweg (a possible line).

The broadcast can be listened to via jajajaneeneenee.com - 

The audio essay 'Hoofdweg (a possible line)' is available over here.


La Monte Young - Composition 1960 #7
Sun Araw - Flote
June Tyson - Theme of the stargazers
Sun Ra - New Horizons
The Natural Spiritual Orchestra - We love roll call y’all (fragment Do the right thing)
Rammellzee - Beat Bop (instrumental)
Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Steppin Razor
Adrian Piper - The Mythic Being (fragment Other than art’s sake)
The Slits - Newtown
Massive Attack - Exchange (mountain steppers dub)
Yoko Ono - She hits back
The Raincoats - Ooh Ooh La La La
Quasimoto - Come on Feet
De La Soul - can you keep a secret? (skit)
Inoyama Land - Bananatron
David Byrne - Tree (Today is an important occasion)
Poly Styrene on privacy (fragment Who is Poly Styrene?)
Curtis Mayfield - To Be invisible
Finis Africae - Segundos y segundos y segundos
Joanna MacGregor - Moondog Sidewalk dances
Laraaji - All Pervading
Donald Byrd - Stepping into tomorrow