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05.07 – 15.12.2021
radna rumping – hoofdweg (een mogelijke lijn)


With a 30-minute audio essay 'Hoofdweg (a possible line)' Radna Rumping invites you to (re)discover the longest street of Plan West in Amsterdam. You can download the sound work or play it directly, using your own phone/audio player and listening via headphones while walking. 

Instructions for the walk:

Start at Surinameplein, under the gate at Hoofdweg 2. Press play, and start walking at a calm pace. Take your time to look around or stand still every now and then. Halfway through the route, stay at Mercatorplein to listen to the part about De Spookrijders (there are benches to take a break). When the next part of the essay begins (on architecture), continue your walk along Hoofdweg and continue until you reach the end point at number 718, near Bos en Lommerplein. Would you like to return to the starting point afterwards? Bus 15 runs every 10 minutes from Bos en Lommerplein back to Surinameplein.

The Hoofdweg one hundred years ago 

Invited by Welcome Stranger Rumping made a new work with the façade of her house as starting point. A mental sculpture formed by both her own observations and associations, and those of the wandering listener.

Radna Rumping did not limit herself to the façade of her own house; instead she used the line that makes up the Hoofdweg. Rumping shares her thoughts about letting your hair grow and Yoko Ono, about the idea of holding on to a long line in your career, about a performance by De Spookrijders on the Mercatorplein in 1999, about footsteps and about architecture. Narrative and poetic texts are interspersed with fragments of field recordings and music. 

As part of the artwork, on 15 July 2021 all residents of Hoofdweg received a print designed by Rietlanden Women’s Office, containing a text fragment from the sound work.

Detail print by Rietlanden Women’s Office                                                Start Hoofdweg 2

You can experience the sound work while walking. It takes a total of 30 minutes; the duration of the walk if at a calm pace you walk along the entire Hoofdweg in Amsterdam-West, from number 2 to number 718. The starting point is Hoofdweg 2.

If you’re not able to walk along de Hoofdweg, you’re welcome to listen from any other location, and imagine the line from a distance. For those who are unable to listen, a .pdf of the essay is available to read here. Translation and editing by Rosa Paardenkooper. With special thanks to Ingmar Bruin, Ivan Cheng and Alina Lupu for their help and support.

✨✨ A radio show hosted by Radna Rumping, live from her living room, broadcasted on October 7th 2021 you can find here. Including a tracklist. ✨✨

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