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Welcome Stranger has organized several manifestations and projects, beginning in the 1990’s. The initial manifestations were intended as a comment on the official art circuit - not from recalcitrance or idealism, but to seek reflection. Instead of a preconceived subject, motto or motif, the focus was simply on the discoveries that naturally arose from the situation: a house in the city, and with that the interaction between private space and public space, publicness and privacy. As the relevance of these and their related issues only grows, think of surveillance techniques and online privacy. Also notions of hospitality, being a stranger and belonging to a place have taken on new social and political significance. Welcome Stranger continues to explore them unabated, creating  space for dialogue between artists and opportunities to show art in inexpected places. 


Welcome Stranger led a dormant existing for a long time and has, since 2017, been given a new impulse.

curator and (her-)initiator: Marianna van der Zwaag (1971). She has been active in the arts field for quite some time. She studied Art History (MA). In her art practice, both inside and outside the museum, she is interested in new ways of presenting art that transcend the artwork as a finished product, as traditionally displayed in museums. Pairing art and social significance. 

graphic design: Tariq Heijboer

The initial projects in the '90's were initiated and organized by Marjolein Schaap en Ken Zeph. From 1998 untill 2020, Hester Elzerman, art historian, teacher and researcher, was commited to Welcome Stranger. Together with Marianna van der Zwaag she took, since 2017, the initiative to give a new impuls to Welcome Stranger.

The foundation's supervisory board consists of Saskia Janssen (chairman), Marijn van Kreij (secretary), both visual artists and Lia Gieling, curator Cargo in Context. The board members receive no remuneration for their work.


– De Groene Amsterdammer Roos van Lint over Minne Kersten 07.07.22 
 Trouw Djuna Spreksel over Lily van der Stokker Esther Tielemans e.a. 19.10.21
– Metropolis M Thomas van Huut Esther Tielemans nr 5 2021
– Metropolis M Manuela Zammit Radna Rumping 23 september 2021
– Parool Kees Keijser Lucas Lenglet 30.10.20
 Parool André van Bergen, Jeanne van Heeswijk Job Koelewijn e.a. 21.03.98
NRC Christiaan Bastiaans Rob Birza Maarten de Reus Berend Strik 27.11.1992 
NRC Renée Steenbergen Harmen de Hoop Paul Goede Rob Birza e.a. 07.10.94


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