welcome... ...stranger
23.10.20 - 27.03.21
Lucas Lenglet, Smári Róbertsson, Tim Breukers, Bastienne Kramer

In the first months of 2020, we were not yet aware of the pandemic disaster that was approaching. This made it a very different year than expected for Welcome Stranger. While the project in Dakar began to unfold, a new manifestation in Amsterdam quickly arose as well. Four new artworks were created, and out of necessity but again very much in line with previous Welcome Stranger manifestations, they occupied a liminal space: the windows and facades. From the inside, these surfaces functioned as an interface that allows for the distance of contemplation of an individual’s relation to the public realm and from the outside, as a medium of self-representation. There were no visitors, only passers-by. The artist did now work together. The artworks presented on these surfaces questioned the total interiority of one’s privacy and the supposed boundary between inside and outside. They framed the individual and the outside world in a tandem relationship that was at once invasive and uncanny from the inside and surprising and inaccessible from the outside.  

Lucas Lenglet, 23.10 - 29.01.2021, Schaepmanstraat 91

foto: Luuk Kramer

Building on earlier works with cage constructions, Lucas Lenglet placed red wire netting in front of all the windows of his corner house and turned his own house into a cage. Lenglet: 'I see it as an incentive to think about what position i have in the community in which i live: to what extent am I expected to participate, how much from the outside do I allow and what relationship do I enter into with the other?'.

Smári Róbertsson, 20.11 - 29.01.2021 Zomerdijkstraat 22 

Smári Róbertsson delt with the hidden and unknown by exploring folklore, such as the folk tale 'The Father of the Eighteen Elves'. When you looked up to his studio-house from the street, you could spot a long stick poking out of the window. Attached to a tree, you'll found a text entitled: 'Poking The Unknown With A Really Long Stick'. The work is an invitation to reveal the underlying motives, value systems and conditions in perception and in ourselves.

Artist text: Poking the unknown

Two performances recorded from his home: 

Poking The Unknown With A Really Long Stick - Serenade (Part 3)

Directed by Hreinn Friðfinnsson

Written, recorded and performed by Smári Róbertsson

Amsterdam, 2021

Tim Breukers, 04.12 - 27.03.2021, Krugerplein

For the sculptural intervention of Tim Breukers left behind bicycle wheels and chain locks, snackbar het Snorretje and Albert Heijn form an ambience. His work Centre Piece makes you wander around on the square in front of his house. You can find instructions here:

Centerpiece, detail Krugerplein, photo Gert Jan van Rooij

Bastienne Kramer, 29.01 - 27.03.2021, Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 7 

Estranged domestic objects hang from the window of the studio and residential building of Bastienne Kramer in Funenpark. When the day slowly turns into night, these objects, looking like abstracted ‘sofa elements’, will radiate light and words will become visible. Referring to the situation in which we are now, being tied to home and the resulting impossibility of physical contact with most of the people surrounding us.  

The work is part of her series Home Made Energy.  With Warmtebeeld #10 Bastienne is balancing on the line between dilettantism and professionalism, uniqueness and seriality, textual and visual communication, solid and liquid, collective and autonomous.

Warmtebeeld #10, photo artist

Interestingly, Bastienne has been there for earlier editions of Welcome Stranger - at the very start in the autumn of 1992, and in 1998 as a contributor of Moving In. You can read more about these in our newly updated Archive here and here