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17.06 – 15.12.2021
Esther Tielemans – Scenery

Maarten Harpertszoon Trompstraat 25

Esther Tielemans voor Welcome Stranger, Scenery 2021, carwrapfoil on façade, photo Thomas Bennen

Esther Tielemans covered the facade of her house in Amsterdam West with carwrap foil. A metallic green high gloss foil, which created a monochrome façade. She is fascinated by how, on a flat surface, the suggestion of another world is created. To her, the appearance of this reality runs parallel to our world. Due to the luminous material, the surroundings were reflected on the façade and provided a different, artificial reality. The title Scenery hints at the landscape through the green haze, but also to backgrounds used in the theatre and film world; also a green screen offers the possibility to let backgrounds disappear and add new layers to further shape our world.

From the work outside on the facade, a new work has emerged for the interior space: Scenery (Our house). The leftovers of the windows in the green monochrome frame are executed life-size on wooden panels (in the same way as Tielemans usually constructs her paintings) and covered with the reflective car wrap film. The smooth surface on the panels contrasts with the skin of the façade, where the structure of the bricks provides a more subtle sparkle. While the window work, through their strong reflective effect, make the viewer part of the works, who thus becomes a fellow actor in Tieleman's private space.

Scenery (our house) returns to the more traditional white cube exhibition space. The two works can never be seen simultaneously, but only together do they form the complete green monochrome.

Scenery (Our house) 2021, carwrapfoil on wooden panels, 294 x 711 cm

Handout passers-by

Production artwork: Anything is Possible